16. Stress less.
Stress can wreak havoc on your body and your diet. This is all thanks to our frenemy cortisol. The hormone cortisol is important in stressful situations because it triggers a fight-or-flight response of the body—important if you’re actually fighting for survival. But for most of us, cortisol levels jump when we get stressed at home or work and results in an increase in appetite. Raise your hand if you turn to comfort foods when you’re having a rough day?  Us too. Instead, try channeling your stress outside the kitchen by blowing off steam with exercise or relaxing your mind with yoga.

17. Juices.
Juice bars are all the rage these days…no matter where you go it feels like raw, cold-pressed and/or organic juices and juice cleanses are getting a whole lot of buzz and a ton of attention. And yes, many of those juices are super healthy, nutritious and delicious. But they can also be loaded with calories that don’t necessarily fill you up or fuel your body. Be smart when you sip.