Alcoholic and Alcoholism Signs

Alcoholic and Alcoholism Signs

Drinking to unwind is socially acceptable as long as you don’t get embarrassingly drunk in public. Which begs the question: can you be an alcoholic even if you don’t get hammered all the time? When does looking forward to Happy Hour become something for you to be concerned about? Here are ten signs, adapted from a brochure by Alcoholics Anonymous, that you may be an alcoholic.

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  1. You tell yourself you will stop drinking for a week or two and can’t go without for more than a couple of days.
  2. You’re irked when people suggest you may be drinking too much.
  3. You switch what you drink, telling yourself that one type of booze will be easier to consume in moderation than another.
  4. Sometimes you need a “hair of the dog” in the morning to be able to function.
  5. You lie or hide facts about when and how much you drink.
  6. Your personality changes when you drink. Drinking makes you angrier, more intolerant or verbally and even physically abusive.
  7. You drink regularly to loosen up before a business meeting, public speaking or anything else that you find intimidating.
  8. You need to drink more and more to get buzzed.
  9. Your drinking gets you in trouble with other people, your family, work, the authorities.
  10. You tell yourself often you’ll stop drinking … tomorrow.

The more signs you can relate to, the higher the chances that you have a problem. You’re not alone and you can find help.

Visit Alcoholics Anonymous for extended information on recovery from alcoholism.