6. Soda
Does your Coke call to you? We’ve all been there. The occasional soda is okay but if you are drinking several sodas a day, you are unintentionally adding a ton of empty calories to your diet. And when it comes to sugar intake, you might as well be eating candy bars all day long. (And no, that was not us telling you to eat candy bars every day.) Swap your soda for water or flavored sparkling water if you prefer to sip something bubbly.

7. Exercise
Are you incorporating enough physical activity into your day? No amount is too small. If you’re just getting started—try walking around the block or taking the stairs each day. Or if you’re very fit but your routine isn’t giving you the results you desire, maybe you need to boost your workout intensity or change it up entirely. It’s important to keep your body guessing and constantly challenge yourself in new ways if you want to see a difference in not just your weight but also your figure.

8. Vitamins
Health is about more than just a number on the scale. Start taking a daily multivitamin that will provide you with essential nutrients. Your body will be strong inside and out and you will be better prepared and energized to tackle your weight-loss goals.