3. Ingredients
Raise your hand if you eat out more than you prepare your own food? (Guilty.) But when your food doesn’t come from your kitchen you have to ask yourself: Do I know what I am eating? As in, do you really know ALL the ingredients in that healthy-sounding chicken sandwich you grabbed for lunch? Don’t be afraid to ask about the ingredients in your dish and if you really want to be in control of your food, make it yourself.

4. Portions
When it comes to meals, size does matter. Portion size is key to enjoying your food and feeling satisfied but also to managing your caloric intake. Do you really know what an appropriate serving of chicken or cereal looks like? You would probably be surprised if you actually whipped out a measuring cup. If you want to cut calories and lose weight try measuring your portions to ensure you are eating as much (or as little) as you think.

5. Salad Dressing
If you’re eating a salad, it must be healthy, right? Wrong! Talk about a health myth that people (yours truly included) still believe. While the veggies are definitely a smart choice, the salad dressing those veggies are drenched isn’t so wise. Many dressings are loaded with calories and fat and it can add up quickly. Use sparingly and choose a light dressing that is not cream-based, such as balsamic vinegar and olive oil.