In March, legislators passed the CARES Act, which was intended to provide American citizens with a stimulus package to help push through the hard-economic times arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The first stimulus package was designed to cushion millions of Americans that had lost their jobs and with no existing source of livelihood. Each eligible person was to receive $1200, with $500 being handed out to eligible dependents under the age of 17.


IRS records currently indicate that about 159 million Americans have already accessed their share of the economic stimulus package funds. The government announced that it had released more than $267 billion in direct payments to cushion Americans against the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


There are several possible reasons why some people have not received their share of the first stimulus package funds. The main worry is the next step to take, especially when you need the funds. The good news is that the funds are still available for you.


Some of the measures you can take if you haven’t received your share of the funds is checking the status through the Get My Payment tool.


Another reason why some people are missing access to the funds is due to poor records with the IRS. For those that do not typically file their returns, the tool to use is the non-filer


Individuals who filed their tax in 2018 and 2019 are exempted from filling in their details through the too. The IRS already has sufficient contact information for current tax-filers to disburse stimulus checks. 


The tool is for low-income individuals, the homeless, and many others who by law, are not required to file their tax returns. 


Through the website, you can enter your necessary information for a chance to access the funds. The deadline for signing in and providing your information through the non-filer tool is on October 15th, especially for individuals looking to receive the funds this calendar year.


Individuals who receive government funds that include Social Security, Veterans, and other social benefits are also eligible to access the first stimulus package funds. Individuals who have not received the funds and need clarity on the matter can contact the IRS offices to get further information. 


While it is still unclear the exact number of individuals who have not accessed the funds, many Americans who deserve and are in much need of the funds have not received their stimulus package funds.

The fund came to cushion the millions of Americans experiencing financial strain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Records show that within 11 weeks, about 42 million Americans filed for unemployment, showcasing just how dire the situation was on the ground.