UPDATED April 29, 2018

Did you know that there are an estimated one thousand mango fruit varieties in the world? The ones available in the U.S. are imported mostly from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Haiti because only about twenty of those thousand mango varieties are traded worldwide. Mangoes need a tropical climate to flourish, so Florida, California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can produce mangos, but not at a large-scale. In the U.S, South Florida has the largest population of mango trees per capita. Luckily the countries we import from harvest their mangoes at various times of the year so that we can basically enjoy a year-round supply of mango-licious flavor. What’s the best part about eating a nutrient-rich-mango aside from its juiciness? According to researchers in Australia, the properties in mango skin also appear to ‘inhibit the development of human fat cells.’ The Daily Mail reported that the secret is in the skin’s phytochemicals , which act as natural fat busters. Which are your favorite variety? Here are 8 mango fruit you need to try.

1. Valencia Pride
This expensive Florida variety is known for its fiber-free flesh. You’ll identify it by its large, long and slender shape and by its yellow skin spotted with a soft reddish blush. It’s exquisitely aromatic and very sweet and available throughout July and August.

2. Keitt
Found in Asia and Mexico, these sweet mangos are also available in July and August in the United States. The Keitt tend to be predominantly green in color with a dash of pink on it. For those who don’t like fibers, don’t worry, the Keitt has a limited amount.

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