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Protein Packed Spinach & Red Rice Pesto-MainPhoto

Protein Packed Spinach & Red Rice Pesto

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UPDATED June 14th, 2018  Red rice is a variety of rice with bran that is red, purple or maroon in color (unlike Mexican Red Rice, Arroz Rojo, which gets its color from crushed tomatoes). Among popular varieties is Bhutanese and Red Cargo…

Juicing or Souping? Tips on Getting Nutrients the Right Way

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Updated May 12, 2018 Until recently juicing was the go-to for cleansing, detoxing, kickstarting a weight-loss plan and maximizing your fruit and veggie intake. This past winter, the 'consciously uncoupled' actress turned lifestyle guru we…

Your Go-To List of Juicing Recipes for a Flat Belly Summer

UPDATED May 7th, 2018 We know, juicing recipes are not nearly as exciting as pizza crust recipes. But summer = warm weather = less clothes —> oh crap I better get in shape. We’ve all been there. We wish every day that summer will arrive…
Foods to Help Your Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep-MainPhoto

Foods to Help Your Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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Updated May 7th, 2018 Editor’s Note: The following article is one in a series of pieces inspired by a celebration of Latino heritage and smart nutrition, brought to you by Beech-Nut/Goya. Getting your kids to sleep through the night…

Mediterranean Diet Tips with a Baked Salmon Recipe

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Updated April 23, 2018 THE FUSS ABOUT THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET The Mediterranean Diet is nothing new, yet it has been all over the Internet lately. And when a trend like that resurfaces overnight, I can’t help but wonder if it really is…

Mango Fruit: 8 Varieties You Need to Know

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UPDATED April 29, 2018 Did you know that there are an estimated one thousand mango fruit varieties in the world? The ones available in the U.S. are imported mostly from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Haiti because only about…

What to Eat to Overcome Sickness

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UPDATED March 26th, 2018 For five years now I've been trying to learn what's behind my son's sickness: frequent knee pain. Since the age of two he's had pain in his joints about three times a week, usually in the evening. Sometimes the…

Eat Your Colors! Healthy Orange Foods to Improve Your Diet

UPDATED March 26th, 2018 This is the first in a series of articles showing how you can eat better and more nutritiously just by thinking COLOR! If you match fruits and vegetables to each color of the color wheel, you’ll automatically get…

Why Diets Don’t Work

UPDATED February 22th, 2018 If you are struggling to lose weight and know firsthand the agony of yo-yo dieting, you are not alone. Millions of women, whether they’re overweight, truly obese or just seeking to drop a few pounds, find…