Mango Fruit: 8 Varieties You Need to Know

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UPDATED April 29, 2018 Did you know that there are an estimated one thousand mango fruit varieties in the world? The ones available in the U.S. are imported mostly from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Haiti because only about…

Mango Summer Mania: Mango, Coconut, Lime Cobbler

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If someone asks me how I define summer, I would say stone fruits. Peaches, plums, cherries, nectarines.… I have loved them all since I remember. But mangoes or mango cobbler? Not really, except for those I’ve had on my trips to Brazil. While…

Creamy Spicy Mango Salsa Recipe

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UPDATED February 27th, 2018 Why not mango salsa, right? Everywhere you look in the store these days there seems to be some new kind of salsa on the shelves. Sure you can combine many different types of ingredients and come up with a new one…

Xol's Chilled Mango Soup with Spiced Grilled Shrimp

CHILLED MANGO SOUP WITH SPICED GRILLED SHRIMP Serves: 6 Ingredients 3 mangoes, peeled with seeds removed 4 tbsp lemon   juice 1 tbsp ginger, minced 3 cups vegetable stock Cayenne pepper Salt Sugar to taste (if mangoes are…
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Summer Dessert: Mango Entequilado

With Summer in full swing, I enjoy hosting relaxed dinner parties with family and friends. While the men grill, the ladies gather in the kitchen. We laugh, sip glasses of wine while we dice, chop, and chat; pulling together big platters of…

Mango-Chile Paletas for Father's Day

Editor’s Note: Try this icy dessert for a cool, refreshing treat on Fathers Day. These mango-chile paletas burst with bright, juicy mango chunks, and lime zest. Spicy chile flakes speckle the frozen delight offering bursts of heat to counteract…

Grilled Chicken with Mango Barbeque Sauce

GRILLED CHICKEN WITH MANGO BARBEQUE SAUCE Serves: 6 Prep Time: 10 min. Total Time: 30 min. Ingredients 1 package (14 oz.) frozen GOYA® Mango Fruit Pulp, thawed 1 cup barbeque sauce 2 TBSP + 1 TSP chili powder, divided 2 TSP GOYA®…
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Sweet Mango Salsa

More Latin Tastes from The Healthy Apple Here’s a sweet spin on your classic savory salsa recipe. We’ve invited a bit of sweetness from fresh mango and cilantro—two flavors that will surely please your palate and have your kids’ taste…
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Chilled Mango & Avocado Soup with Chipotle & Coconut

CHILLED MANGO & AVOCADO SOUP Serves: 6 Ingredients: 4-6 ripe mangoes, peeled, pitted and chopped, or 4 cups frozen mango, thawed 4 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted 1 cup pineapple 2 TBSP fresh lime juice 1 cup milk or (½ cup milk…