UPDATED May 7th, 2018

We know, juicing recipes are not nearly as exciting as pizza crust recipes. But summer = warm weather = less clothes —> oh crap I better get in shape. We’ve all been there. We wish every day that summer will arrive soon, and then we blink and it’s bikini season and we are not ready for our summer wardrobe, which is far less forgiving than our winter layers. The bad news is that there is no magic potion that will help you slim down and get in shape overnight. For better or worse, getting healthy and fit takes work. But it’s worth it, and not just so that you can look good this season. Recent studies show that by “developing a strong abdominal section, you’ll lose body fat and significantly cut the risk factors associated with many diseases.” Plus, the National Institutes of Health recently stated “a waistline larger than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women signals significant risk of heart disease and diabetes.”


So while getting a flat belly might not be easy, it is important for your health. And the good news is that in addition to a balanced diet and fitness routine, sipping the right juice might also help you flaunt a flat belly. Have we caught your attention yet? That’s right… juicing for weight loss is a thing, as juice made from the right ingredients can help you lose weight, reduce inflammation and cut unwanted belly fat. Just in time for summer, here are our favorite juicing recipes to help you achieve and maintain a flat belly this season (and all year long).

Here’s the magic list: