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Childhood Food Allergies, Autism, and Halloween

As Halloween approaches, bags and bags of candy line the shelves of every store I walk into. Most of the brightly colored packages holding sweet treats my little boy could never even taste—treats that look innocent enough, but because of…

Verdolagas: The Perfect Green

Verdolagas are thick, tender greens that have an acidic, mouth-warming bite, almost like mint when they’re raw. The greens are popular during the rainy season in Mexico, and they can be found at markets across the United States under the…

Healthy Lunch Packing Tips

With back-to-school drawing near, your kids are likely lobbying for a new backpack or the hottest sneakers. But health officials say you shouldn’t overlook an important staple of their daily school life: a well-insulated, properly packed…

Great Summer Salads with Greens

Our love affair is approaching the three-year mark. It started when I fell deeply in love with Kale. But soon, I was seeing Bok Choy. Then Tatsoi, Mustard and Dandelion greens. Then came Escarole, Broccoli Rabe, and Swiss Chard. Followed by…

Are Colonics Bad for You?

MYTH: Colonics are bad for you. REALITY: While some fear the colonic like the plague and others swear by it, the fact remains that your intestine is a 19-foot tube that likely never gets a thorough cleaning from the inside. This is especially…