Hair Care: 10 Reasons to Always Use Sulfate Free Shampoos

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Updated May 12, 2018 With all the damage we cause our hair by simply blow drying it, coloring it, and exposing it to the sun and chlorine in the summertime, one of the easiest ways of caring for it daily is using sulfate free shampoos. What…

Hail No!: 15 Astonishing Facts About Climate Change And Global Warming Every Human On Earth Should Know

UPDATED September 19th, 2017 Of all the current risks to our future and our security, global warming and climate change are arguable the most concerning. Even President Barack Obama agrees that the trends of our warming planet are terrifying.…

8 Meaningful Earth Day Activities

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Earth Day is around the corner—it’s on Friday, April 22nd this year—and while it would be amazing if we all respected and honored earth every day of the year, sometimes we need a little reminder to focus on our environment and do what…

From Cage-Free to Grass-Fed: Your Go-To Guide to Eating Right

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Eating right means more than sticking to a healthy, well-rounded diet; it's also about choosing produce that is kind to the environment and to animals whenever possible. Obviously poultry and red meat are the least environmentally and animal-friendly…

Green Season: 10 Ways to Have Environmental Holidays This Year

Let’s be honest here: for many of us the idea of having environmental holidays, or going completely green, can be placed up there with running a full length marathon. Yep, we’ll probably never run that far. “Yet simple things like…

Yurt Gonna Love It! 10 Awesome Facts about Yurt Homes

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Though the yurt, an ancient cylindrical dwelling, provides the ultimate getaway for an eco-friendly urbanite of today, its origins were based on a quite different need. These sturdy and reliable tents allowed nomadic tribes a habitation that…

Indoor Garden of Eden: Mastering the Art of Hanging Planters

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If you’re yearning to create your own private Babylon indoors, hanging planters are all you need. They can even provide modern, industrial spaces with a touch of old-fashioned tranquility. The British gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh told…

10 Fierce Glamping Ideas for the Amateur Camper

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Have you somehow been sweet-talked by someone special to spend a few days with them in the woods? If this goes against your nature of plugging in your electronic gadgets to survive (your phone, hair dryer, computer, iPad, Wi-Fi, electric shaver,…

Natural Woman: 4 New Ways to Think About Living Naturally this Year

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For a long time no one ever thought about the importance of natural health. The idea of “going natural” used to be relegated to hippies and bohos, those who willingly gave up chemicals and preservatives, and instead opted for a more organic…