Go Figure: 15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle

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The importance of recycling is undeniable. That beautiful field you pass by on your way to work? Soon it might be covered in trash. Or that gorgeous waterfront you pass by on your way to work? One day it might be overflowing with pollution…

The Art of Staying Home: The 20 Best Online Grocery & Essentials Shopping Sites

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If you’re anything like us, you hate shopping with your kids. Between whining to buy candy and running away to find their favorite ice cream, we have some horror stories of grocery store trips gone really bad. With that in mind, we’ve…

14 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Compost

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Okay, we know: the idea of composting doesn’t sound terribly appealing. What if we attract wild animals and smell up the back yard? Not to mention the gross factor if the kids decide it would make a nice place to play. Honestly, it sounds…

5 Ways Travel Just Got Even Cooler

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Oh, to sojourn. That delicious feeling of knowing you have a trip booked, bags packed and a hotel room mini-bar with your name all over it. That amazing feeling you get as you step onto the airplane, knowing that you are just hours away from…
Want a Green Machine? Ten 2014 Hybrid Cars with Pros and Cons-SliderPhoto

Want a Green Machine? 10 Hybrid Cars & Their Pros and Cons

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2014 is your year to go green. With rising gas prices, you drain your wallet every time you fill up your car. You worry, rightfully, that the number at the pump is only going to go up. If you depend on your car for work, life, or you don’t…
20 Easy Ways to Decrease Your Family’s Carbon Footprint-SliderPhoto

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint: 20 Easy Steps Your Family Can Take

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May 29 is Learn About Composting Day. Making your own compost is eco-friendly, cheap and easy to do. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to fertilize your garden plants, fruits and vegetables. In the words of singer, songwriter, Ani DiFranco, “I’m…
Crafty Recycling Ideas for Kids

12 Crafty Recycling Ideas for Kids & Parents

Saving the planet starts at home, which is why parents should make recycling ideas for kids a top priority to practice and teach. However, as Amy A. Whittle comments in the SFGate, “teaching your kids about recycling can be difficult, because…
Saving Mama Tierra for Our Children-SliderPhoto

Saving Mama Tierra for Our Children

The other day, my daughter Maya Luna reprimanded me because I almost left a light on as we were headed out of the house. She said "Mama, estas lastimando a Mama Tierra! (Mama, you are hurting Mama Earth!).” I couldn't have been more proud.…

On Arbor Day Plant the Right Tree

Arbor means tree in Latin, and Arbor Day is a holiday where we take time to plant trees. The first Arbor Day was held on April 19, 1872. Today, over 30 countries observe a form of Arbor Day. If you're interested in celebrating this holiday,…