For a long time no one ever thought about the importance of natural health. The idea of “going natural” used to be relegated to hippies and bohos, those who willingly gave up chemicals and preservatives, and instead opted for a more organic way of living. But today we’re all informed enough to know better, and that knowledge comes with the reality that chemicals are not in line with green living, and more to the point—they’re simply not good for us.

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The Buddha famously said, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease,” which to us means that all of us have to stay individually accountable for all the ways that we relate to our physical bodies. Living naturally is a great way to start such accountability. With that in mind, check out these four easy ways to switch up your point of view about living more naturally, and see for yourself how making small changes yields big results.

1. Natural Hair Care
Rule number one for going green: read the label before you use the product. Many hair care products from shampoos to conditioners are full of chemicals that may harm your hair or at the very least make it lose shine and bounce. Look for natural or organic products that contain honey or coconut oil. Shop for natural bristle brushes that help to keep hair from breaking and splitting.

2. Natural Skin Care
Nothing reveals your age more than your face so treat it with care. Look for products with sunscreen added to the list of ingredients, no artificial products or chemical additives. Find a soap that suits your complexion; a moisturizing soap might not be best for oily skin, for example.

3. Natural Beauty Routine
When going green, it’s best to keep your beauty routine simple—look for organic beauty products like natural cleansers and moisturizers. Keep hydrated and get enough sleep. Nothing ages you like dark eye circles or fine lines caused by fatigue. To keep your hair shiny and static free, sleep on silk pillow cases.

4. Natural Immunity
Going green applies to the inside too. Look for foods that naturally build immunity like fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink water, get some moderate exercise and talk to your doctor about vitamin supplements. Once again, hydration and a good night’s sleep go a long way toward keeping your immune system healthy.