Best Natural Haircare Products

As we become increasingly aware of the dangerous chemicals in conventional cosmetics, natural haircare products are looking more and more attractive. Words like parabens, phthalates and sulfates are reason enough to seek out natural, chemical-free…

Favorite Green Beauty Products

In an era when consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment, and about the potential risks of ingested chemicals and preservatives, it’s no surprise that many beauty companies are now focusing on green beauty products. They’re…

Jessica Alba ‘I Will if You Will’ Earth Hour Challenge

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For Earth Hour 2013 (on March 23), Jessica Alba and the founders of The Honest Company agreed to let her kids dress the entire team for work if they could get 10,000 people to switching to non-toxic household products. With Earth Day 2013 fast…

Claudia Duncan Dreams of Pushing Paper

On a Saturday morning, Claudia Duncan wakes up at 5:30am, makes coffee, turns on the radio, and starts pushing paper. For many of us, that may sound like a mundane start to the day. But for Duncan, by manipulating paper—whether it’s an…

10 Harmful Ingredients in Your Cosmetics

For years, we’ve been exposed to harsh chemicals without even noticing. And no, I don’t mean those you use to clean your kitchen. There are harmful ingredients in your cosmetics, and research has shown that your beauty routine could…