New Brew for You: The Best Beer to Swill This Summer

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UPDATED June 1st, 2018 A lot of things happen outside in the summer—swimming, sunbathing, reading, relaxing, running, eating…and drinking the best beer of course. We wait all year and suffer through months of rough winter weather to enjoy…

From Lattes & Capps to Drip and Pour-Over: How to Make the Best Coffee Now

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UPDATED: May 31st, 2018 The world’s best coffee obsession has risen to all new caffeinated heights. From cold-drip, nitro, pour over and siphon, to boutique varieties of milk (or dairy-free), these days caffeine connoisseurs can experience…

Rock the Mock: 14 Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Pregnant Woman

UPDATED November 15th, 2017 Just because you can’t have alcohol for the next nine months doesn’t mean the party is over, mom-to-be. In fact, there’s plenty to celebrate now before little one arrives and takes over your party schedule,…

10 Ways to Sweeten Lemonade Without Using Sugar

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Summer is here and with it, everyone’s favorite summertime staple: lemonade. Lemonade is a healthy beverage, considering the importance of proper hydration and the detoxifying benefits of lemon, with its high contents…

How to Make the Best Micheladas Ever

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If you aren't familiar with micheladas, think of them as a beer-based Mexican version of the Bloody Mary. It's the perfect Cinco de Mayo cocktail and once you fall in love with this spicy, unexpectedly refreshing drink, it just may become…

10 Best Hangover Food Ideas that Won't Make You Fat

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the best hangover food is anything greasy. Greasy, fried foods often do make you feel a little better if you had one (or so...) too many last night, but they aren't great for your waistline.…

The 5 Lowest-Calorie Alcohol Beverages to Cheat With

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We've done a little research to find the lowest calorie alcohol for those of you who want to get (and stay) bikini-ready this summer without becoming tee-totalers. You're welcome! Now, keeping your drinks diet friendly takes more than just…

Your New Go-To: How to Make Homemade Nut Milk

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Nut milk is a fantastic alternative to cow's milk for any number of reasons. Whether you're vegan, lactose intolerant or you've simply don't like the taste of dairy milk, all kinds of nuts and seeds make a tasty, creamy beverage for cooking,…