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Mix It Up on Father's Day: Mamiverse Interviews Cocktails Maestro Juan David Marin

UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Father's Day is upon us and if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, there’s still time to give him something special. Behold Scottish whiskey. Mamiverse talked with Colombian Mixologist, Juan David Marin,…

Zest Master: 8 New Lemonade Recipe Ideas to Try this Summer

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  When you step outside into the warm and humid summer weather, do you suddenly feel totally parched and you crave something ice-cold? These moments call for your absolute best lemonade recipe. You’re not alone.…

New Brew for You: The Best Beer to Swill This Summer

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UPDATED June 1st, 2018 A lot of things happen outside in the summer—swimming, sunbathing, reading, relaxing, running, eating…and drinking the best beer of course. We wait all year and suffer through months of rough winter weather to enjoy…

From Lattes & Capps to Drip and Pour-Over: How to Make the Best Coffee Now

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UPDATED: May 31st, 2018 The world’s best coffee obsession has risen to all new caffeinated heights. From cold-drip, nitro, pour over and siphon, to boutique varieties of milk (or dairy-free), these days caffeine connoisseurs can experience…

Summer Mixology: 10 Poolside Cocktails You’ll Probably Drink Too Fast

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UPDATED May 16th, 2018 Forget the hot crowded bar scene. Summer is the perfect time to get your drink on right by the pool. In the midst of a hot and sweaty summer, most people have a favorite summer drink that they enjoy. This summer serve…
The Basics of Spanish Wine-MainPhoto

From Sparking Whites to Sumptuous Reds: The Basics of Spanish Wine

UPDATED November 16th, 2017 In taking a glance at a map of the many winemaking regions of Spain, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Spain is currently producing wine in every style imaginable, with no shortage of complicated labeling terms and…

Eight Fall-Inspired Cocktails

 UPDATED November 1st, 2017 Fall is quickly approaching, and while you're getting back into the swing of things like school, shopping, and packing away all your summer favorites, you might need to chillax and have a drink. Stir up one…

20 Essential Tequilas to Know and Love

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There are so many tequila brands out there that it can be hard to know which ones deserve a spot in your liquor cabinet. July 24 is National Tequila Day so you're running out of time to stock up! Like Champagne from France, true tequila is…

The 10 Best Mojito Recipe Ideas in the Entire Universe

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In celebration of National Mojito Day (July 11), a holiday that celebrates the greatness of the classic Cuban cocktail, we bring you ten of the best mojitos in the entire universe. Classic mojitos are made with white rum, muddled mint, fizzy…