The Smile Files: 10 Types of Grins & What They Say About a Face

UPDATED May 4th, 2018 Perhaps Mona Lisa’s is the most widely considered in the world, but everyone is capable of flashing smiles so mysterious that we’re not quite sure what they mean. The simplest smile is a show of happiness, but when…

The Lipstick Pick: 10 Classic Shades that Help your Choppers Shine Bright

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 There’s nothing like the evidence of a girls’ night out on Instagram to force us to confront the reality that the glamorous coral lipstick we were sporting makes our teeth look totally yellow. Already occupied…

10 Ways to Sweeten Lemonade Without Using Sugar

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Summer is here and with it, everyone’s favorite summertime staple: lemonade. Lemonade is a healthy beverage, considering the importance of proper hydration and the detoxifying benefits of lemon, with its high contents…
Three Mom Bloggers on What Makes Them Smile During the Holidays-MainPhoto

Three Mom Bloggers on What Makes Them Smile During the Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner and we're all feeling the holiday spirit. However, in the mad dash to find last-minute gifts and prepare for entertaining a houseful of guests it's easy to forget what happy holidays are all about. We would…
Mom Bloggers Share Their Favorite Holiday Smiles-MainPhoto

Mom Bloggers Share Their Favorite Holiday Smiles

With Christmas only days away, thoughts of happy holidays past (and sugarplum fairies) are dancing in our heads. We all look forward to the pomp and circumstance that starts in November and lasts through New Year's Day. These months are a…
Following the VIP Smiles at Colgate’s Bar de Belleza-MainPhoto

Following the VIP Smiles at Colgate’s Bar de Belleza

This past Wednesday, November 19, more than 40 celebrities, influencers, members of the media and bloggers joined Colgate Optic White for an afternoon of pampering and brilliant smiles at the Bar de Belleza. The event was held in the Presidential…

Emmy-Award Winner Maria Elena Salinas to Co-Host #HazlaUmami Family College Twitter Party! Win Prizes and Learn Tips About Sending Your Kid to School

It’s a wonderful and proud experience to have a child in college. You did great, mami! But we know it can also be equally daunting. From tuition to growing pains to organizing—even basic communication, the stress can build. The key to…

The Lost Art of Flossing: 15 Reasons to Never Skip this Step

It has taken you years to perfect your bedtime routine, to whittle it down from an hour-long marathon of product application and mirror-gazing to an efficient clean up and wind down before bed. You’ve already cut out all of the unessential…

The Plight of White: 15 Foods and Drinks That Can Stain your Teeth

Despite major advancements in the field of teeth whitening and the development of many different in-office and at-home whitening treatments, we are still not great at avoiding the problem of stained teeth altogether. Part of the reason is…