Wine Not? 10 Best Wine Ideas Worth a Taste this Year

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What makes a best wine? Or better yet, do you ever wonder why wine trends come and go? In the eighties, if you wanted to impress the guests, you’d pop open a bottle of your finest Italian or French. Then came the rise in popularity of the…
Ring in the New Year with These 3 Specialty Drinks-MainPhoto

Ring in the New Year with These 3 Specialty Drinks

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us. If you’re looking for some inspirational mixed drinks here are three festive cocktails. You can spice it up, be the bomb or even take the “rich” route. Or if you’re really daring try all three. From…

#NotCoffee: 10 Other Hot Libations to Rev Up Your Day

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The words coffee substitute make some people nervous. When your alarm goes off in the morning do you make a mad dash for the coffee machine even before you pee or kiss your spouse? You're not alone. Many of us literally cannot start our day…

Quench Your Halloween Thirst with Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch

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This punch recipe shared with us by Food is a spookified version of a classic rickey. It’s a refreshing drink for kids after a long night of trick-or-treating. Just add some gin, and it's an equally delicious after-dark cocktail…

Halloween Ghoulish Delights: Paranormal Pudding & Monster Mash Float

TruMoo Orange Scream is inspired by an orange frozen popsicle with vanilla ice cream. It’s great on its own or as an ingredient in these delicious Halloween treats. TruMoo is made with wholesome low-fat milk with no artificial growth hormones…

Mini Habanero Potato Skin Poppers & Camiseta Roja

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These recipes are perfect if you're planning to meet with friends to watch the final World Cup games this weekend. First fire it up with these habañero potato skin poppers. Then you can continue the heat with drinks made from jalapeño infused…

Toast to Summer with Tequila Cocktails

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Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than with specialty cocktails created by professional mixologists. Try mixing up a Coconut Extravaganza, a spirit-forward beverage made with complex, quality ingredients including Tequila Don…

15 Unconventional Iced Tea Ideas

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We all love a tall, cool glass of iced tea in the summer months. That said, we can grow tired of straight up with a twist of lemon, right? With the first sweltering month of summer behind us, we’re ready for something new in our glass. So,…

Moscato Cocktails: A Refreshing Twist on Classic Drinks

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Moscato is a popular wine that’s refreshing with flavors of peach, honey and ripe citrus in a light-bodied style. The sweetness in the white Moscato balances the flavors in a wide variety of spicy dishes. The peach notes combine well with…