In the morning, what do you reach for first, your significant other or your cell phone? As the coffee brews are you logging into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Do you jump every time you get a text message alert? Is your tablet resting on the nightstand just in case you have a late night urge to look something up? If the answer is yes, you’re hooked my friend. You’ve got a social media addiction and you’re not alone.

It can be hard to force yourself to unplug from the constant stream of updates and ever-increasing platforms for sharing photos, thoughts, lists, and news. Before you know it, you’re more aware of what’s going on with your connections than what’s happening with your friends and family at home.

Like any other habit, it takes work to break the social media addiction. Here are 15 ways to curb your dependence on “The Feed”.

1. Acknowledge your social media addiction.
The first step is admitting you have a problem. Once you’ve accepted it to yourself, tell your family and friends so they can help you break the social media habit.

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