Who doesn’t look forward to the best summer beach reads? To feel the lure of the beach towel and lose ourselves in a quick enough read that takes us away from the stress of kids, chores and work. We’re all a bit different in what we’re looking for though. In fact, Marie Claire magazine created a little quiz to see which summertime book is best for your preferences. A common theme though, as far as books for the beach go, is that you want to be able to finish most of it before your sunscreen wears off, right? Now, in case you’re at a loss for what to grab from the library or local bookstore on your way out of town, here’s a list of 15 books that are ideal for the beach. Come back when you’re rested and rejuvenated and tell us what you think!

1. The Vacationers is a story about the up-and-down family and friend dynamics that are all too common for us all. Like they say, ‘it’s complicated.’

2. Summer is, of course, wedding season so Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close is entirely appropriate. It’s a story of three 20-something friends who find themselves attending multiple weddings for other brides as they struggle to figure out their own affairs. Been there!