Wardrobe Apps Style and Shopping Tips

Wardrobe Apps Style and Shopping Tips

UPDATED January 12th, 2018

Think that phenomenal print may not match anything you own? Wonder if you can find that gorgeous frock at a lower price? Don’t know what to wear today? There’s an app for that!

These style apps make shopping and dressing a snap, bargain hunting a breeze, and they’ll provide you with hours of fashion entertainment. Even better, making a small investment (or in many cases no investment) in these little gems will save you money in the long run. There’s nothing like having your entire closet at your fingertips every time you go shopping!

Lucky Magazine says, “Of all the wardrobe-organizing apps, this is the best.” Closet Clothing Organized ($2.99) lets you upload images of all your clothes so you can plan outfits and pinpoint exactly what’s missing from your style repertoire. It has a calendar so you put together and save outfits as far ahead as you like. Never commit the faux pas of wearing the same thing twice in one week again! And if you’re falling into a clothing rut, Closet Clothing Organized will create an outfit for you, mixing old pieces in new ways. When in doubt, just email your friends for feedback. It’s a great time-saver for busy moms.

myPANTONE ($9.99) tells you what colors are trending each season and lets you create your own color palettes based on what you like, what you own, or whatever you fancy. You’ll never have to worry about clashing again and you’ll be able to fearlessly rock the color blocking that’s all the rage this fall.

Vogue Stylist (Free) is the next best thing to a personal stylist. This app is mini issue of the mag tailored just for you—it even suggests products based on your local weather. Vogue Stylist lets you research trends, browse through editors’ picks, and see how specific items look incorporated into an outfit. Brilliant!

Fashism (Free) brings you advice on the go from the Fashism community of style mavens, as well as Lucky Magazine editors. You’ll get shopping ideas based on what’s popular in stores near you and a news page with the latest promotions and contests so you’ll never miss out on a bargain.

CompareMe Shopping Utility ($1.99) is a great price comparison tool for any shopping trip. Not only will it give you the best price on a given item online and in stores near you, it can be used to comparison shop for anything. Even better, CompareMe has earned fantastic reviews for being easy and quick to use—it’s a no-brainer!