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Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes

  UPDATED October 26th, 2017 Yes, we all know babies probably don't revel in dressing up for Halloween nearly as much as we revel in seeing their adorable little faces beaming from the center of a charming sunflower or popping…

The Funky Mama: New Rules for Hip Baby Shower Ideas

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If you've just learned that your hip BFF is now a hip mom-to-be, you need some cool, non-traditional baby shower ideas to celebrate the new arrival. The keys to a successful bash are showering the new mom with love, ensuring she gets all the…

Breast Dressed: 10 Key Tips on Breastfeeding Clothes that Always Win

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No one wants to think about breastfeeding clothes, mostly because it’s practically impossible to know what to wear as a new mom. Between the nursing breastfeeding, spit-up, limited sleep and a body that’s still healing, finding comfort,…

Baby Shower Power: 18 New Gift Ideas that Celebrate Birth

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UPDATED: August 1st, 2016 It can be pretty tough to come up with fabulous, new baby shower gift ideas so close to the holidays. While many parents-to-be have a baby registry to take the guesswork out of present buying, it's so much more…

Creative & Clever Baby Gifts for Christmas

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Baby gifts are awesome for the very simple reason that babies are fun to buy for. First of all, they need everything and second, the stuff is just so darn cute. Baby won’t realize its Christmas or even that they’ve received a gift, but…
Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women-SliderPhoto

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

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Halloween is upon us, and believe it or not, pregnant gals have the opportunity to show their bellies in the funniest—or creepiest—ways possible. Of course, you should kiss complicated Catwoman-like attire and fabrics good-bye; after all,…
Bond with Your Unborn Baby with Belly Buds-MainPhoto

Bond with Your Unborn Baby with Bellybuds

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If you’re a fan of TV’s Modern Family, you may have noticed Sofia Vergara’s recently-pregnant character, Gloria, sporting a curious little item on her growing belly. But for Bellybuds creator Curtis Williams, seeing Vergara sporting…

Mother's Day Gifts for Moms-to-Be

When does one officially receive the coveted title of Mom? Is it after the baby is born or is it when you become pregnant? I think to many women, you are “mom” from the moment you get that first positive result on the pregnancy test. Let’s…

Top 5 Strollers For New Moms

The word stroller may bring to mind bulky, frustrating contraptions you have to haul around throughout the entirety of your son or daughter’s younger years. That is a daunting prospect indeed. When shopping around, you need to take into…