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Halloween is upon us, and believe it or not, pregnant gals have the opportunity to show their bellies in the funniest—or creepiest—ways possible. Of course, you should kiss complicated Catwoman-like attire and fabrics good-bye; after all, a pregnant lady needs to be as comfortable as she can. Pregnancy isn’t a reason to stop you from rocking a fabulous, and maybe cute, Halloween costume.

Besides, you won’t look like this forever, so you may as well have as much fun with it as possible—chances are you’ll be shopping for a costume for your little one next year!

With few options on the market, women have to work with what they’ve got. That means improvising. Painted bellies are the number one choice this time around—why? It’s cheap, easy and can make everybody laugh in seconds.

As your baby bump is, well, your best asset, don’t be afraid to display naughty or creative designs—in fact, imagination is key! Just make sure to use safe paints, such as special body makeup. Here are few of my favorites:

Beach Ball • Let’s say you are the lucky one who can still flaunt a bikini. Take advantage! You’ll need a halter or top piece of a bikini (remember, your “girls” need support), and a cover-up skirt. Paint stripes all over your belly as if it were a huge beach ball. Perfect for hot weather, too.

Okay, we understand if you prefer to be more conservative (hey, those pounds are no joke)—simply swap the beach ball idea for baseball or basketball costumes. Funny yet totally wearable!

Pumpkin Farmer • Dress yourself as a farm girl by wearing overalls—it’s important to cut a hole in the middle (that way your belly can pop out). Roll up your sleeves; add a hat, boots, and pigtails. The last touch? Paint your belly orange and green, similar to a real pumpkin!

You can also do so with any heavy fruit (watermelon, squash, coconut or pineapple). People would think you are—literally—carrying it everywhere!

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Fish Tank • Are you an animal lover? Show it with your belly! To paint a fish tank, you only need a couple of colors and a pair of extra hands to decorate your belly. Who said Halloween isn’t about simplicity?

Hilarious Sign • From common traffic signs like BUMP or STOP, to amusing phrases (Don’t Open Until X-Date or No Birth Control), people will love these catchy ideas.

Of course, there are some store-bought options when it comes to dressing up your pregnant body. These can be expensive, just as any maternity wear. Our recommendation? Make your own fun costume at a fraction of the price of a store-bought one.

Spooky Baby • Having a leg or an arm peaking out of your belly may be scary to most; however, you can’t deny it’s an awesome costume that celebrates Halloween at its best. How to do it? Take doll parts and glue them to an old dress (it has to be in the belly area), paint some “blood,” rip a few sides off the fabric and listo! Your unborn child will be ready to trick or treat from the inside out.

Eight Ball • If you went a little gaga over those pregnancy cravings, a solid color costume is what you need. Find a black T-shirt and paint the number 8 on it, don black pants and black boots and you’ll become a cute version of this billiard ball!

Tissue Box or Christmas Present • Not an outgoing lady? This costume may help! Pregnancy should be a moment of joy but let’s face it—not every woman is happy gaining weight or showing off a huge belly. Wrapping yourself in boxes, shiny paper and ribbons could be a nice way to “hide” those feelings.

If there’s one thing I adore, it’s a happy family. That’s why I saved these wonderful ideas for pregnant ladies and their partners for last!  Yes, Halloween is a special occasion to be a little witty and—why not—ridiculous. Engage your better half, or even your other kids, and steal the show!

Bun in the Oven • Get a big box that will serve as the oven, cut out the middle section and decorate appropriately (don’t forget you need to fit in it). Paint your belly like a nice toasty bun and dress your husband as the chef. Clever but true…he was the one to put that bun in the oven!

Santa, Rudolph and the Little Elves • Maybe a wee early, though it’s a nice way to include the whole family. I guess we don’t need to say who will be the “fat guy” this year, huh?