When does one officially receive the coveted title of Mom? Is it after the baby is born or is it when you become pregnant? I think to many women, you are “mom” from the moment you get that first positive result on the pregnancy test. Let’s face it, something takes over your whole body (both figuratively and literally) and the baby you are carrying becomes your #1 priority.

So should you handle Mother’s Day? Do you celebrate the mothers-to-be? To me this is an easy YES! Even for those women who have relatively easy pregnancies, pregnancy is certainly not a walk in the park. From being extremely tired, uncomfortable, and having to make many lifestyle changes and sacrifices for your unborn child to the frequent bathroom trips it’s not always fun!

So, if a woman is pregnant over Mother’s Day, you can be sure that she will have no objection to being honored on this special day. But what does one gift a mom-to-be? How should you go about making her feel special? Of course it depends on how far along the pregnancy she might be, but these ideas are sure to fit one of those stages. 

If the mom-to-be isn’t having trouble getting comfortable while sleeping yet, don’t worry…it is more than likely coming, and this will still be a good investment. This will help mom sleep comfortably and get the much deserved rest she and baby need. Plus she can use it beyond pregnancy!

Pregnant or not, jewelry is always a safe gift option for a woman. If she is far enough along in her pregnancy and you know the gender and a name has been decided upon, you can get a necklace with the baby’s name on it. Many places allow you to take the piece of jewelry back in later and get the baby’s birth date and/or birthstone put on it. If it’s early on in the pregnancy you can get a piece of jewelry simply with the word Mom on it. Trust me, especially in the beginning, it the best feeling in the world to be referred to as Mom.

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Give the special mom to-be a gift certificate for a prenatal massage. If you are really planning ahead, schedule one for her on Mother’s Day and surprise her. You would be hard pressed to find a mama-to-be who would turn down an offer to get her aching body massaged. You could also sign her up to prenatal belly-dancing classes, which could be a massage for the baby!

Allow the mom to-be to sleep in on Mother’s Day. When she awakes have breakfast in bed ready for her. If she’s in the first trimester, the meal may only consist of saltines and ginger ale, but I assure you she will still appreciate the gesture!

There are many businesses popping up these days whose sole service is doing elective ultrasounds. Get her a gift certificate for a session, or schedule one ahead of time and surprise her. This gives her an opportunity to actually see her baby (possibly for the first time) and if she’s far enough along, you could even find out the baby’s gender. Elective ultrasounds are fun because there is no stress of diagnostic findings like there may be at the doctor’s office. It is just a low key environment in which you get to admire the little one. Another plus is that you can almost guarantee that she’ll be sent home with picture souvenirs!

One of my biggest regrets during my own pregnancies was not making a belly cast. When you’re in the moment, you think you will never forget what you looked and felt like, or just how big that belly grew. And while I will always have the stretch marks to prove just how much my belly expanded, a belly cast is a tangible way for her to remember that aspect of her pregnancy.

If you go with any of these gift ideas, the mom to-be may just be so happy that she’ll forget for the day that she can no longer see her feet!