10 Essential Steps for Younger Looking Hands-MainPhoto

10 Essential Steps for Younger Looking Hands

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After our eyes, our hands show the most telltale signs of our age. Why? Fewer oil glands, constant hand washing, and unprotected sun exposure all contribute to premature aging of hands. Even if you get weekly manis, there’s no substitute…
7 Beauty Apps You Don't Want to Miss-MainPhoto

7 Beauty Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

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Mobile application software grants people unlimited access to virtually thousands of games, magazines, positioning systems, and more. But recently, technological advances have made getting answers through the web a cakewalk—including for…
Bond with Your Unborn Baby with Belly Buds-MainPhoto

Bond with Your Unborn Baby with Bellybuds

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If you’re a fan of TV’s Modern Family, you may have noticed Sofia Vergara’s recently-pregnant character, Gloria, sporting a curious little item on her growing belly. But for Bellybuds creator Curtis Williams, seeing Vergara sporting…
10 Must-Follow Latina Style Bloggers-MainPhoto

Top Latina Fashion Bloggers

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Only a few years ago, a fashion blogger was a just a girl with a camera, a keen eye, and her own unique style perspective. Today, the most popular bloggers wield considerable influence in the fashion industry. As…

How to Host an Old-Fashioned Summer Block Party

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A summer block party may seem like a throwback to the 1950s, when families lived in the same house for decades, everyone on the street knew everyone else, and neighbors were all friends. But times have changed. Families move often, neighbors…

Re-Style Your Bridesmaid Dresses

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We’ve all got one or several lurking in the back of our closets...those dreaded bridesmaid dresses. It may be the only form of festive attire few women look forward to debuting, much less wearing again. But when you’ve already dropped…

7 Natural Skin Protectors: Editor’s Picks

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Which are the best natural skin protectors? I had a reason to research this. My eldest daughter and I are brown-eyed and have dark blond hair. Because we live in Florida, we have to protect our skin from the sun year-round. Now, my youngest…

Why I Said No to Free Botox

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As much as aging is not something anyone looks forward to, it’s an inevitable process we have to either suffer through or learn to accept. At a young age, we seem to be convinced that wrinkled, older people belong to a different species…

Orange Lipstick: It’s a Latina Thing

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Latinas are known for their love of fun, bold colors. One tone that recently hit the fashion runways hard, and the streets even harder was orange. As a makeup artist, however, I always hear women, especially Latinas, complain that they struggle…