If you’ve just learned that your hip BFF is now a hip mom-to-be, you need some cool, non-traditional baby shower ideas to celebrate the new arrival. The keys to a successful bash are showering the new mom with love, ensuring she gets all the best baby gear and making it fun for everyone. Remember, fun doesn’t necessarily mean cheesy games, although indulging in one or two might not hurt. Guessing the baby bump’s circumference is always good for a couple of laughs.

These days baby shower themes are trending away from cutesy in favor of sophistication or quirkiness. Pampering the mom-to-be is increasingly popular as they negotiate the third trimester and face sleepless nights juggling new motherhood and career. You can take everyone to the spa for a day or bring the spa to the party by arranging for on-site manicures or massages. Encourage guests to bring soothing gifts like slippers or bath salts.

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You may also want to think about co-ed baby shower ideas. While there’s something to be said for making this an all-girl occasion, it’s not really fair to leave dad out of the festivities. After all, he’s having a baby too! Some baby showers are even guys-only events.

Obviously this is the mom-to-be’s call, but gender reveal showers are totally exciting and let everyone share a bit of the new parents’ experience. This involves getting the doctor to write down the baby’s gender (without telling the parents) and seal it in an envelope, which goes to the bakery. When mom and dad cut the cake, they find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. There are a million other ways to do the reveal: a piñata, blue or pink confetti filled balloons, fortune cookies, you name it.

Honor tradition in a modern way with classic children’s book baby shower ideas. Some favorites are Pat the Bunny, The Velveteen Rabbit and anything by Dr. Seuss. Or keep it really simple and go with a green theme. Ask guests to make the gifts and wrapping eco-friendly, serve locally sourced food and up-cycled decorations. This is one occasion when it’s okay to re-gift or give gently used hand-me-downs.


If you feel like it’s not a baby shower without activities, there are plenty of uncheesy options. You set up a Custom Onesie Station with iron-ons, stencils and fabric paint. The Midnight Diaper Box is always fun — fill a box with disposable diapers and have each guest write something funny or encouraging to keep mom’s spirits up during late-night diaper changes. The Birthday Card Time Capsule is a really touching activity that baby will eventually enjoy too. Each guest gets an envelope with a number and a blank card inside. Everyone writes a birthday greeting that mom will give her child on the birthday that corresponds to the number on the envelope.

When it comes to baby shower ideas, the rule is really that there are no rules. Whatever you can handle and the mom-to-be will love is the perfect way to celebrate bringing a new life into the world.