UPDATED October 26th, 2017

Yes, we all know babies probably don’t revel in dressing up for Halloween nearly as much as we revel in seeing their adorable little faces beaming from the center of a charming sunflower or popping out of a plush hot dog bun. But who can resist taking advantage of the very short-lived ability to adorn your child however you please. And the photo ops are too good to pass up! These fun (and not too scary) concoctions will help you hone in on the perfect little disguise for your bundle of joy this Halloween.

This Lady Bug (Tom Arma, $59.99) is one of the few costumes that looks even cuter mobile!

A Chili Pepper (CostumeCraze, $13.97) is perfect for your feisty little firecracker.

This vibrant Frog (Tom Arma, $59.99) is a children’s book illustration come to life.

Dressed as a Peacock, (Amazon, $41.95) your little showstopper will be the belle of the Halloween ball.

A Crayola Crayon (Target, $24.00 online only) is an easy costume for budding artists who like to keep things simple.

Can’t stop playing Angry Birds? Having your own baby Angry Bird (CostumeCraze, $20.99) might just tear you away from your iphone.

The Sock Monkey (Target, $20.00 online only) is an old-school classic.

This Sunflower (Amazon, $24.34) is just plain cute!

When your pint-size athlete is too small to make a convincing football player, why not dress him or her as a Football? (ventichai, $45.00)