Visions of fabulous maternity ensembles begin catwalking through your mind the instant you find out you are expecting. Of course, those fantasies may be quickly eclipsed by morning sickness, researching baby names, and a million other exciting diversions.

When your jeans finally refuse to button, it’s definitely time to go shopping—but the prospect of investing in a new wardrobe can be daunting when you’re also planning for the expense of a new baby. Luckily there is no need to choose between terrific style and all the necessary baby gear. With a little savvy, you can make your wardrobe expand with you and keep on working for you even after your bundle of joy arrives.

Pregnancy provides a rare opportunity for women to feel completely at ease with showcasing a growing belly. Allow yourself to revel in the liberation of celebrating your expanding waistline. Don’t be limited by the ‘maternity’ label. Get creative with cuts and fabrics and you’ll find that, with a few adjustments, there are a great variety of dashing garments that suit your style long after the little one makes his or her debut.

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• A roomy A-line frock flatters your growing bump; add a chic belt post-baby and you’ve got a perfect look for everyday.

• A gorgeous empire waist maxi-dress is fabulous for summer, no matter what your size.

• Wrap dresses in stretch fabrics magically flatter every figure.

• Swaddle yourself in a belted cardigan. Again, anything that wraps and belts is ultra versatile.

• Absolutely invest in a Bellaband so you can continue wearing your favorite pants throughout your pregnancy. It’s probably the most inexpensive and useful maternity item you can buy!

Finally, don’t forego body conscious clothes; rather than disguising your belly, billowy clothes in busy prints can actually make you look bigger. Stretch fabrics are so comfortable, so forgiving, and they are fantastic for layering. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman proudly highlighting her bump. And always remember that if you feel confident and beautiful you will look confident and beautiful.