Have you taken a look a good look at your winter gloves lately? They can easily look grubby after one season, and when it’s dreary outside, it’s easy to brighten up even the most basic black coat with some new, stylish gloves. “Just like anything else you put on your body, have fun,” Stacy Wallace-Albert, founder of told The Chicago Tribune. “There’s no joy in putting on a pair of stretched-out, black leather gloves, but there is joy in putting on something that makes you smile because of its color. Your fashion gloves especially should be in a really yummy color like dark green, deep red or orange,” said Wallace-Albert. Why? Because these colors don’t show wear and stains.

Warmth is key and leather gloves are not only sleek-looking, but ultra-protective against frigid temperatures. If you want to replace your old pair of leathers with something cute and retro opt for a bow. No silly, not on your head, but on the start of your wrist. These leather gloves with a subtle bow in its folds, adds just the right touch of femininity for any winter outfit. An earthy brown or lively orange would be just lovely.

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While the fingerless gloves sported by 80’s music icons like Madonna (in lace) and David Bowie (leather and studs) may have disappeared from your life in the 90’s, they’re back and they still look arty and edgy. But personally, we like them because we can still Tweet and Instagram while we’re braving the outdoors. Go for a bright pair of icy blue or green wooly fingerless fashion gloves this winter.

Winter is dramatic, so why not join its theatrics with a pair of long leather gloves this winter? The key is investing in one or two winter coats with short or three quarter sleeves or wearing them indoors with sleeveless dresses for ultimate chic. We love the grey and olive green tones for this look. [Fashion pointer: Do not wear long gloves and super long boots at the same time. Not flattering, ladies].


We are all romantics, and sometimes instead of wearing our hearts on our sleeves, we can wear them on our hands. We just adore these red fashion gloves with a cut-out heart in them and closed off with a dainty button. These love gloves, in our opinion, should be worn in warm colors like red, hot pink or orange. But if you’re feeling black-hearted this winter, it’s totally understandable, woman, there’s nothing wrong with stoic, chilly elegance.

Annie, grab your gun, your revolver gloves, and start breaking hearts. We absolutely adore this fingerless glove invention with a twist by Project Runway finalist and fashion designer, Mila Hermanovski, who said: “Two of my favorite accessories are gloves and rings. The only problem is that you can’t wear both simultaneously. I designed the ‘revolver’ glove with this conundrum in mind.” They look so cool simply peeking out the sleeve of a coat, worn with a t-shirt or even a party dress. Winter gloves are a must in black leather and worn with big, bold, power rings.