The media focuses so much on bump watches, maternity style, and post-baby bodies; however, we don’t see much about fabulous ‘celebrity breastfeeding style’. Yet, I do remember one glorious celebration of lactation. When Mary-Louise Parker won Best Supporting Actress at the 2004 Golden Globes, she was an inspiration to all new mothers when she famously thanked her newborn son “…for my boobs looking so good in this dress…”

Follow her lead and make the most of your luscious décolleté.  Having a baby is an intensely life and body-altering event for any woman.  If you have trouble deciding what to wear on an average day, it may seem especially challenging now.  While dressing for a lactating lifestyle does require some planning, it doesn’t mean you have to invest in a whole new wardrobe (which is good, considering the amount of money and time you’re spending on diapers).  With the right foundation garments and a little creativity, you’ll be a fabulous new mom in no time.


Comfort • Keep in mind, comfort is key.  Avoid anything too structured or binding.  Go for soft fabrics that feel good against your skin—like natural fibers and plush knits.  Think easy, flowy, serenity.

Foundation Garments • All of this softness does call for a bit of underlying structure.  A really supportive nursing bra makes a world of difference in the way your clothes fit and how comfortable you are throughout the day.  They are well worth the investment.

Layers • Layers are a nursing mom’s best friend—tank tops and camisoles are perfect for layering.  They minimize the outline of nursing pads, they disguise leaks, and they help keep you covered during feeding.  Indispensable.

Easy Access • Wrap dresses and blouses are always flattering and provide easy access for pumping or feeding.  It’s best to avoid black and white tops, as both tend to highlight leaks.  Pretty patterns make excellent camouflage.

Button Up • Wear a button-down shirt over a tank or under a jacket for nursing or pumping without revealing too much. A soft pashmina or generous cotton scarf, is a chic wrap and covers you and your baby when you need to nurse in public.

Slings • When you are out and about, carry your baby nestled against you in a gorgeous sling from The PeanutShell or a boho-chic Maya Wrap . In addition to keeping baby close, it can accommodate breastfeeding, making your little one content. And when bebe’s happy, mami’s happy!