1. It’s high in sugar
It’s not like you’re giving your kids candy for dinner—how bad could a little dabble of ketchup be? Well, imagine the entire bottle of ketchup, then imagine that 1/4 of that bottle is made of sugar. Year, it’s more than we thought too. And it explains why kids love ketchup so much. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, as featured in Hungry For Change, “just one tablespoon of commercially prepared ketchup typically contains four grams of sugar.” Note to self: that’s a quarter of the recommended daily intake of sugar for preschool age kids, according to the American Heart Association and reported by Livestrong. We’re willing to bet you weren’t taking ketchup into account when you think about how much sugar your family eats on a daily basis. And we’re also willing to bet that you’re serving way too many sweets. Cut the ketchup for a quick way to reduce sugar consumption.