12. Mama’s Boys
Emotionally immature men run home when they need groceries or their laundry done. They see nothing wrong with enjoying snacks and TV while mom folds their laundry.

13. Belittle You
They make you the butt of jokes and bolster their own egos by putting you down. They make your job sound unimportant and make fun of your intelligence—perhaps, rightly so if you’re willing to put up with that nonsense.

14. No Interest in Your Friends
They don’t like your friends and the feeling is mutual. They find excuses to skip any function where they have to wear something better than jeans and sneakers. Your friends know you could do better.

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15. Sports 24/7
They’ll watch any sport on as many TVs as they can crowd into the same room. Weekends are devoted to whatever team is playing, never mind what you want to do. They’ll watch bowling or bass fishing or even cricket if that’s what’s on.

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