1. Inappropriate Behavior
A mature man is someone you don’t really have to worry about, whereas the man-child can be embarrassing. He’s may drink too much at the office party, turn on football during your mother’s Thanksgiving dinner and answer his cell phone at your friend’s wedding. Like the four-year-old he resembles, he’ll probably pout if corrected.

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2. Video Games
Emotionally immature men can’t be bothered to go to your family reunion because it’s the same day the newest version of Assassin’s Creed arrives in stores. He can’t come up with his share of the rent because he had to buy the newest game system.

3. Your Feelings Don’t Matter
He doesn’t want to hear about your day, he doesn’t want to meet your parents…worse, he’s rude to your friends. If your opinions are different from his own, he ignores them.

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