Our Blogger Spotlight today highlights a woman who tells us to just do it, take action, now. 

A few years ago I attended the Juniper Summer Writing Institute. One of the things that got my attention when applying to that particular writing workshop were the craft sessions available throughout the week. Of all the craft sessions I attended the one I remember most was the one with poet Matthew Zapruder where he gave us some advice and exercises to get over “writers block”.

Best one? Sit down and write. Just like you would just wake up, put on your running shoes and go out the door to exercise. He explained how if you sit to plan and think about going to exercise you might not actually get there ’cause your brain tricks you but if you are out the door running before you even realize it, boom, you are doing it. I am of course paraphrasing—this was two years ago.

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This morning was one of those where I would have usually found any excuse to not put my shoes on and go running. Ok. Not running but zumba. My son didn’t have a good night sleep, it was rainy and I wasn’t sure if he would stay at the daycare center at the YMCA. It would be our first time trying it out. To that add the thought that the zumba class was going to be packed, there would be no room, I probably wouldn’t be able to follow the teacher and I don’t even have a sports bra anymore.

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