It’s Not Me, It’s YOU 5 Steps to Dump a Loser-MainPhoto

It’s Not Me, It’s YOU 5 Steps to Dump a Loser-MainPhotoUPDATED June 17th, 2017

You know it’s time. In fact, it’s probably well past time. Still, why can’t you get rid of that bad boyfriend? You know he’s not the one for you. He probably knows you’re not the one for him. Yet the two of you keep torturing each other with break-ups and reconciliations. Why? Why? Here’s how to dump that loser, once and for all, and get on with your life!

1. Be resolute.
Especially if this relationship has been one of those tortured, on-again off-again affairs, the time has come to make a clean break. That means you make your decision and you stick to it. No reconsidering, no caving to Mr. Loser’s pleading email, his tearful phone calls or his standing-in-the-rain outside your apartment vigil. (In fact, that last one is kind of creepy-stalker-y.) Don’t pick up the phone and call him just because you’re lonely or bored. Especially, don’t drunk dial! Remember, you decided you’re better off alone than with him.