Follow Friday Roundup

Follow Friday LATISMSo we´re back from LATISM12 (Latinos in Social Media), which I tried my best to capture in a recap post published yesterday on Mamiverse. Thank you all who made it a wonderful enriching experience. I encourage you to follow the #LATISM hashtag  on Twitter for community-building tweets and conversation. It was wonderful to meet the people behind many a popular twitter handle.

  •  Last night, I participated in the usual LATISM Twitter party, this time with a twist. The Twitter party’s focus was to raise money to help part of the community affected by Hurricane Sandy. First I thought I could not donate much and then I realized that every little bit helps. As someone who’s gratefully been on the receiving end, I know many small contributions can add up to a lot. I encourage you to visit the donations page as they are taking contributions all this coming week. You can even sign up to choose what family your donation goes to. Let’s use our social media to create good, and what better opportunity than this. Part of our core team at Mamiverse and some of our contributors were hit hard by the hurricane, and we keep thinking of others who’ve had it even worse.
  • On a happier note, this week we relaunched our Club Mami, with Eileen Carter Campos as our Online Community Manager. Some of you may know her from Twitter @Eileenccampos, as a selfless diehard supporter, and I know she will do a great job keeping the conversation going in our Mamiverse community of moms. I hope you join our Club Mami where you will find the core Mamiverse team, plus many of our contributors. You may post pictures, blog, comment, it’s your space!
  • Melanie Mendez-Gonzales, @Mendezgonzales has also joined the Mamiverse team, as the person behind most of our social media. Since it’s always nice to know who you’re communicating with on Twitter, she mainly manages the @Mamiversebooks and @Mamiversefood handles, and if you interact with @Mamiverse, that’s mostly me.
  • Our contributors Eliana Tardío, Monique Frausto and Mónica Olivera all got LATISM awards, and it was great to see them all in person, receiving the well-deserved recognition. Eileen Carter Campos was also nominated. In many cases it was a tough call.
  • As of now, I’m also Editor in Chief of Mamiverse Food section, with Mario Bosquez, @mamiversemario, as the editor. It is yet another exciting adventure and I hope you will join us with your feedback and comments!
  • We are still inviting our readers to take the Mamiverse Reads Pledge for a chance to win $75 worth of children’s books to share with your little ones every night for at least 15 minutes. The deadline is November 30.

If you wish to submit an event or a milestone, whether your own or someone else’s to be considered for our Follow Friday Roundup, please e mail me at [email protected]