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10 Ways to Play Up Your Strengths at Work

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Rather than spending your time trying to strengthen your weaknesses, or make them disappear altogether, consider an alternative: Find your strengths. We all have weaknesses, even if during a job interview you describe them as, ‘caring too…

Hate your Office Job? Here Are 10 Awesome Internet Radio Sites to Help You Cope

You had a great weekend. It was just the right mix of relaxation and fun, so why do you feel so stressed on Monday? Oh right, that’s why…you hate your job. You want to be anywhere but in the office. Luckily there’s an easy way to both…
Q&A with Julie Moran of Lifetime's Mission Makeover-MainPhoto

Q&A with Julie Moran of Lifetime's Mission Makeover

Julie Moran has returned for another season of Mission Makeover, airing on Lifetime Television. The former Entertainment Tonight host is there every step of the way to support the journey of six women who are ready to fight for the health…
No Time for the Gym? Try the Fitness Flower for Busy Moms-MainPhoto

Product Review: Fitness Flower

Though I’m a work-at-home mom, I still work full time. Every weekday, I take my daughter back and forth to preschool, then on to her grandmother’s for afternoon babysitting. In between, I fit in my time at my desk, any errands I have to…
For Luly B. Mom and Entrepreneur-MainPhoto

For Luly B. Mom & Entrepreneur, Balance is Bull$h!t!

Mamiverse is proud to showcase the accomplishments and talents of Latina moms and entrepreneurs. Meet Luly Carreras-Balepogi, founder of Luly B, Inc., and Chispa Marketing, and the author of Balance Is Bull$h!t, a book that offers that the…
How to Be a Successful Single Mom

How to Be a Successful Single Mom

Successful single moms are in constant motion. Always doing, solving, thinking, creating, juggling, producing, and responding to the never-ending demands of motherhood. In an era in which women are bearing most of the parenting load, maintaining…
Is Your Childcare Center Providing Healthy Habits and Guidelines?-MainPhoto

Is Your Childcare Center Following Healthy Habits and Guidelines?

It’s time to go back to work, and you’re searching for a new childcare facility for your little one. So what should you look for when selecting a childcare center? A friendly environment with happy kids, to be sure. But what about the…
10 Reasons Why Moms Make Better Employees-MainPhoto

10 Reasons Why Moms Make Better Employees

It used to be that moms had to hide their nurturing side from their bosses and perhaps even omit the fact that they had kids in order to be considered for a job. Women still have a long way to go before we reach the same “I can do it all”…
7 Secrets to Avoid Being an Overscheduled Mom!-MainPhoto

7 Secrets to Avoid Being an Overscheduled Mom

Alarm clock, shower, sleepy kids, breakfast, commute, school, work, doctor’s appointment, the big work meeting, parent-teacher conference, that guilty feeling because the tooth fairy forgot to show up, after school activities, karate, yoga,…