For Luly B. Mom and Entrepreneur-MainPhoto

For Luly B. Mom and Entrepreneur-MainPhoto

Mamiverse is proud to showcase the accomplishments and talents of Latina moms and entrepreneurs. Meet Luly Carreras-Balepogi, founder of Luly B, Inc., and Chispa Marketing, and the author of Balance Is Bull$h!t, a book that offers that the idea of the working mom doing it all is a myth.

Name: Luly Carreras-Balepogi
Social media handles: Facebook: lulyblulyb Twitter: @lulybtweets LinkedIn: lourdesbalepogi Instagram: lulybpics
Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 36
Relationship status: Married
Number of kids, ages: 2 boys, 7 and 9
Occupation: Founder and president of Chispa Marketing, Inc. and Luly B, Inc.
Dream Job: I am living it!
Hobby: traveling, photography

The word that best describes you and why. CHISPA—it’s Spanish for spark and describes someone with great passion and energy. Someone with chispa lights up a room and is vivacious, with a luminous spirit!

A professional accomplishment you’re proud of. Founding and growing two businesses from scratch.

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The biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome and how you did it. Thinking I could actually accomplish work/life balance and be perfect at everything all the time. I hit close to rock bottom and then decided to put myself first and not worry about whether that made me a horrible mom, wife, or career woman. As a result, I am living a happier life, feeling free and joyful that I am living the life I deserve.

What you wish you had known before being a mom. Hmmm, I don’t know that I would change anything. One of my biggest struggles was going back to work. I felt guilty that I love what I do. However, it all worked out. I became a business owner and through seven years of hardships and obstacles, I finally figured it out!

How you keep your Latino heritage alive at home. I speak Spanish to my boys and have their grandparents tell stories. We also cook the typical foods and enjoy eating out at our favorite Hispanic restaurants. More importantly, I keep my heritage alive by the way I am raising them. I am raising them with strong morals and values, always making family first.

A tip to balance life and family. Forget balance! Do the best you can and that’s good enough!

Your two cents on staying motivated at work. Do what you love, and if you aren’t loving what you do, make a move today!

What you still have left to do in life. I would like to speak to a million women total in my career and inspire them to forget balance and guilt. I’d like to write another book, travel a whole lot, and become a grandmother and spoil my grandkids rotten!