No Time for the Gym? Try the Fitness Flower for Busy Moms-MainPhoto

No Time for the Gym? Try the Fitness Flower for Busy Moms-MainPhoto

Though I’m a work-at-home mom, I still work full time. Every weekday, I take my daughter back and forth to preschool, then on to her grandmother’s for afternoon babysitting. In between, I fit in my time at my desk, any errands I have to run, and, if I’m lucky, a trip to the gym. But all it takes is one extra errand or appointment, or a sick kid, and my gym session is up in smoke.

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I recently tried out the Fitness Flower, an at-home fitness tool designed to allow busy women to sneak in a quick workout during their daily routines. I tried the “Bathroom Begonia” model, which is a colorful, flower-shaped wheel with easy to follow directions and illustrations. A suction cup attaches the wheel to the bathroom mirror or tiled wall, so the Fitness Flower is always there to remind you to squeeze in some exercise.

We moms know all about multi-tasking, right? The “Bathroom Begonia”, suggests exercises you can do while performing your morning bathroom routine. Don’t just gargle mouthwash; use the toilet seat cover for tricep dips while you do. While washing your face, stretch up on your toes for calf raises. Some exercises are measured in repeat motions, some in seconds, and a full routine takes just 10 minutes. To make it even easier, there’s an hourglass attached with 30 second increments marked. There’s also a checklist for proper posture and form.

Fitness Flower is clever in design and clever in creating inventive exercise opportunities. It may not deliver miracle results all by itself, but it is a very handy tool to help you achieve your fitness goals, particularly when life gets in the way of your gym schedule!

Fitness Flower: $18-$19.95
Mamiverse Team Rating: 4.5/5

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