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Time & Dine: Ten 30-minute Meal Ideas for the Working Mom

It’s sink or swim for working moms in the kitchen, and having an arsenal of healthy 30-minute meals will save you time, and effort, once you get a few simple recipes down.  Of course, when we do have time, shopping for fresh meats, fish,…

The Office Elf: 15 Corporate Gift Ideas Perfect for the Workplace

Corporate gift ideas got you stumped? This December, keep those Grinch-like feelings to yourself and be the ultimate office elf. We give you license to wow those in your office that you most care for, including, and especially, your boss,…

Work it Circuit: 10 Awesome Circuit Training Workouts for the Working Mom

Why try out circuit training workouts for women? If you're a working mom then you get almost no time for yourself and you need to blow off steam, stat. Circuit training is perfect if you get easily bored in the fitness arena. What exactly…

Degree Digging: 10 Ways to Revive the Skills from Your Academic Past

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Dusting off those trusty skills from college, grad school or your first few jobs may be just what you need to reinvigorate your career. If not, it might be the key to helping you discover what you really want to be when you grow up, and then…

Come On Baby: 11 Examples of When it’s Okay to Bring Your Infant to Work

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Conference calls, brainstorming sessions, client meetings and diaper changes…one of these things is not like the other. Or is it? If you think that the words baby and work don't go together, think again. Once upon a time women had to make…

Work Hard, Live Right: 12 Life Lessons Kids Learn from their Working Parents

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Working parents are our heroes (okay, all parents are our heroes, but hear us out). Since September 16 is Working Parents Day, we’re celebrating the lessons that these mamis and papis impart to their children. Studies have shown that kids…

The Soulful Sweet Spot: 15 Ways to Make Your Work-Life Balance Right for You

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We’re all guilty of it. The proverbial vicious cycle of working to support your life and trying to find time to enjoy said life while working. It's our modern Sisyphusian state of affairs—where we somehow always feel like we’re struggling…

13 Ways to Stop Living with “Time Poverty”

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Is your calendar filled with endless deadlines and commitments? If you’re like most of us, you’re finding that you have less time to do the things you really want to do. In his book, Overcoming Time Poverty: How to Achieve More by Working…

15 Things to Consider Before You Launch a Startup

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You’ve dreamt of the moment that your name appears as owner/founder/CEO of your own business. You envision mentoring others and sharing your inspiring stories. TLC is on the phone to discuss a reality show based on your life. Hold it. Daydream…