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Adelante Movement & Nely Galán Inspire Latinas to Achieve Their Dreams

Inspirational speaker, Latina media dynamo, and Mamiverse contributor Nely Galán has partnered with Coca-Cola and Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence (CMI) to create the Coca-Cola Tour: Adelante a digital community and series of…

7 Tips for Successful Freelancing

Successful freelancing is an art. Here are some tips that will help make that happen. I'm a die-hard freelancer—I´ve been doing it for three decades now—and, even though I sometimes complain about crazy deadlines and juggling several…

Ana L. Flores of SpanglishBaby; A Power Latina

Ana L. Flores worked in the television industry for over 15 years, as producer and creator of content, specializing in the Latino community. The co-founder of SpanglishBaby, the online community for those of us who are raising bicultural children,…
Reasons to Join a Credit Union

5 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

Most people don't know the reasons why it's smart to join a credit union. I will tell you why. Saturday, November 5th was National Bank Transfer Day. The goal was to encourage bank customers to leave their banks and become members of a credit…

Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 5 Sites to Guide Your Shopping Journey

Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Thanksgiving is right around the corner (already!) and between making travel arrangements or prepping your guestroom and menu planning, you’ve got to be on your toes to take advantage of all the holiday sales.Black…

5 Delicious Ways to Pamper your Inner Goddess

How much do you love your body, regardless of your weight or your size? If you are like most women, then you probably experience some kind of self-hatred talk and shame. Sister, you don’t have to be prisoner to those toxic thoughts and…

Carrie Ferguson Weir: Nominated Best Latina Vlogger

Carrie Ferguson Weir started vlogging for fun, sharing video cuentos of her familia and what it means to be Latino in the United States. Now, those videos have caught the eyes of so many, and Carrie Ferguson Weir has been nominated for…
From Middle Class to Food Stamps-MainPhoto

From Middle Class to Food Stamps: A Latina Mom's Tale

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If you think Food Stamps aren't for people like you, think again! I was at the supermarket checkout line when the cashier asked me if I wanted to make a donation for the needy. I would have liked to, but instead, I flashed my food stamps…

Should You Stay at Home or Go Back to Work Post Baby?

Exclusive excerpt from The REAL COST of LIVING (Perigee/Penguin) by Carmen Wong Ulrich. Weighing the costs of staying at home vs. going back to work should be personal. Weigh your sanity and happiness against and alongside the financial…