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SHEroes that Wow: 7 Secrets of Successful Moms

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UPDATED June 12th, 2018 Most of us have one—a “SHEro”…call it a girl crush or call it envy or admiration, we all have those heroic moms who we look up to and maybe even seek to emulate. Maybe you see her in the playground, the grocery…

10 Things You Might Not Know About Daddy Yankee

UPDATED May 16th, 2018 So, you say you’re a Daddy Yankee fan? Test your knowledge of the Reggaeton king’s life and music with our list of the 10 things you might not know about Daddy Yankee: 1. His real name is Ramón Luis Ayala…

20 Leadership Lessons for Young Women

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Updated April 27, 2018 According to the Girl Scouts of America, April 22 is Girl Scout Leader's Day. This day is meant to honor all the volunteers who provide leadership and mentorship with the organization. Girls, their families, and their…

Does Fashion Really Trump Female Power?

UPDATED March 26th, 2018 Make no mistake: There’s a before and after Sheryl Sandberg’s book, "Lean In." Before, female politicians like Christine Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council and mayoral candidate, would be criticized…

Fior Mendez: From Orphan to Model

UPDATED February 27th, 2018 Dominicana Fior Mendez is loving her new life in NYC. Her struggles have landed her one of the most wanted jobs ever! Fior Mendez is such an inspiration to us here at CFL (see her in our spring issue, pg…

Freestyle Master: 13 Ways to Master the Art of Freelancing

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  UPDATED January 12th, 2018 The new economy has led more and more people to freelance work instead of full-time office jobs and they’re not turning back. Many feel that avoiding the hassle of commuting, dealing with obnoxious co-workers…

Building A Winning Resume; Addressing Your Job Gaps

UPDATED January 12th, 2018 In these tough economic times, many stay-at-home moms are realizing that returning to work is what is currently best for the family. In my work as a Disability Navigator for Workforce Solutions, I encounter…

The Question of Questions: 15 Ways to Identify Knowing Deeply What You Want

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UPDATED November 16th, 2017 In 2012, the United Nations released the first World Happiness Report, which ranks countries by the happiness of their citizens, and in 2013 the U.S. came in 17th. We’d like to believe that being happy has something…
How To Help your Children Succeed in School-MainPhoto

How To Help your Children Succeed in School

UPDATED November 15th, 2017 Mariela Dabbah has authored several books on helping Latinos navigate the American education system, including: Help your Children Succeed in School and Help your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College.…