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De-Code Mode: Why You Need to Get a Tarot Card Reading

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If you walk by the storefront that offers a tarot card reading as fast as you can, or maybe you don’t even look up, then you could be missing out on an opportunity to get a real glimpse into your life—via a tarot card reading. Before you…

11 Reasons to Stop Chewing Gum

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As a rule, chewing gum is considered a bad habit but it's also incredibly common. It's also an incredibly ancient habit, dating back to the Mayans. There's something so soothing about the act of chewing — dogs love it, teething babies love…

13 Latina Women Who Crush the Girl Boss Game

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You already know Latina women are a force to be reckoned with but they may be closer to taking over the world than you realize. Last year CNN Money reported that the rate of women-owned small businesses is growing four times faster than that…

How to Use Your Sun Sign for Success in Life

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Do you even know what your sun sign is? Most of us know our zodiac sign, which is an astrological profile based on your date of birth and the way that the planets, sun and moon were all positioned and aligned at the moment you were born. There…

10 Ways to Make Money Online

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Did it ever occur to you that you can make money online? How much time of your day do you spend on the Internet? An hour? Ten? 90% of your waking hours? Whatever the number is, and we’re willing to bet it’s a lot, know that you are far…

The Art of Showing Up for Life

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In life, success doesn’t just come to those who wish for it. Success doesn’t happen when you coast through your day, drifting from task to task with little motivation and zero passion. For better or worse, being gifted and smart is not…

13 Reasons to Hire a Bookkeeper, Like Right Now

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When you're self-employed, or running a small business, bookkeeping is probably not at the top of your list. Bookkeeping is one of those tasks that seems pretty basic on a small scale but you'll be amazed by how much more efficiently and smoothly…

Entrepreneurship 101: How to Grow Your Customer Base

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Starting your own business is a big deal; it can be scary as you enter uncharted territory for your career and your future, but it can also be exciting, rewarding and really successful if you do it right. And one of the hardest parts about…

Sound of Success: Ideas on Music for Concentration & Productivity

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Does music help you focus? Since we spend so much time in front of our computers trying to get our work done, wouldn’t it be nice to hear that music for concentration actually worked? Well, music lover, it seems Mozart or Beethoven could…