Updated April 27, 2018

According to the Girl Scouts of America, April 22 is Girl Scout Leader’s Day. This day is meant to honor all the volunteers who provide leadership and mentorship with the organization. Girls, their families, and their communities are encouraged to find a unique way to thank their adult Girl Scout volunteers.

The Girl Scouts of America has many goals. One of the major missions of the organization is to give the involved girls the leadership skills necessary to create a new level of success for women of the next generation. From teamwork to organizational development, here are 20 leadership lessons for young women, inspired by the Girl Scouts of America and their incredible volunteers in honor of Girl Scout Leader’s Day.

1. Have a plan, surround yourself with the right people, and be persistent
After all, “If Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Brothers and Sisters we probably wouldn’t have had our financial meltdown.” — Betty Spence, President, National Association of Female Leaders.

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