UPDATED January 12th, 2018

The new economy has led more and more people to freelance work instead of full-time office jobs and they’re not turning back. Many feel that avoiding the hassle of commuting, dealing with obnoxious co-workers and having a flexible schedule are worth the risk. According to MBO Partners, “Independent work has gone mainstream across all generations, geographies and sectors. It is increasingly seen as an avenue—and sometimes a requirement—for career growth.”

While working freelance and being your own boss is liberating and a great options for moms, who can work from home and still take care of young children, it also has a few negatives. So, if you are among the estimated 17 million Americans who call themselves freelancers and you’re searching for new ways to improve your income without (gasp) having to return to the corporate world, here are 13 ways to master the art of freelance work.

1. Support
Take advantage of freelance work resources and find other freelancers in your area for co-working, commiserating, and moral support. The Freelancers Union has lots of great information as well as offering group insurance and retirement plans.

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