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8 Tips to Help You Stop Being Defensive-MainPhoto

8 Tips to Help You Stop Being Defensive

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UPDATED April 26, 2018 Last week I looked over some old press clippings about myself from 10 years ago, profiles in places like the New York Times and Chicago Tribune. The articles talked about me in the context of the release of my first…

Dating After Divorce: How Soon is Too Soon?

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UPDATED April 26, 2018 Does dating immediately after divorce mean you're on the rebound? Or have you really moved on and are ready to explore new possibilities? Is there such a thing as the perfect moment to start dating again? The most…
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Should You Stay or Should You Leave Your Relationship?

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UPDATED April 20th, 2018 If you are asking yourself whether or not you should leave your relationship, that in itself should be a red flag. But breaking up isn’t so simple, especially if you have kids. Asking your friends for advice…

A Latina's Journey to Bulimia and Back

UPDATED March 26th, 2018 When I was 16, I was a straight-A student, but I was also a wallflower and extremely shy. I lacked self-confidence and didn't like my looks. Books became my best friends. One day a peer told me I better watch my thighs.…

How to Handle Passive-Aggressive Emails

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Whoever started that tidbit about how emails shouldn’t be read into was outright lying. Emails are made of words. And words are fully loaded with meaning. You can twist them around. Toss them. Fast-pitch a strike with…

Words Can and Do Hurt: Tips to Handle Name-Calling

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 By now, many of us are aware of the school bus monitor who was teased to tears by boys who posted the video on YouTube. Karen Klein, 68, has received support worldwide, and more than $650,000 has been donated to a…

Miss Bum Bum Brazil Pageant: Proud of their Booty? Or Pure Exploitation?

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 There are a million and one beauty pageants in Latin America to celebrate Latina beauty. At the tail end of the contest spectrum, there’s the Miss Bum Bum Brazil Pageant, where over 500 candidates from all over Brazil…

10 Reasons Anastasia Steele From ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is No Role Model

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 I had no intention of reading Fifty Shades of Grey, the novel by E.L. James that has sold 30 million copies in a few months and has been often tagged as “mommy porn” based on its appealed to so-called frustrated…

The Art of Showing Up for Life

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In life, success doesn’t just come to those who wish for it. Success doesn’t happen when you coast through your day, drifting from task to task with little motivation and zero passion. For better or worse, being gifted and smart is not…