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How to Live Life With No Regrets

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We all have fears, we have things we are afraid of, and worries that hold us back from achieving what we set out to do. It’s totally normal and common to live with fear from time to time. The issue arises when those fears control you, prevent…

8 Reasons You Why You Should Join a Circle of Women

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Have you ever considered the idea of joining a circle of women? It’s not always easy being a woman. We struggle to do it all and be everything to everyone, and sometimes in that process we lose sight of ourselves and of our own needs. And…

Live Life to the Fullest: How to Plan for Total Awesomeness in 2016

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As you ring in the new year, your first resolution should be to live life to the fullest! Forget about the usual resolutions that sound like chores — losing weight, getting in shape — and focus on positivity. Once you're living your best…

Social Detox: The Archetype of Frienemies

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Imagine this scene: you’ve been dumped by your beau and there’s nothing you need more than the embrace and sympathy of a friend. But what if the friend is actually one of your frienemies who is more interested in making your life worse…

Wrangling Youth: 10 Reasons to Go to a Dance Club at Least Once a Year

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Let us make an important correction: It isn’t that you stop dancing because you grow old, but you grow old because you stop dancing. When was the last time you were in dark dance club with strangers, escaping into the thought-dissolving…

10 Running Benefits that Will Convince You That Time You Run a Marathon

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For centuries mankind has been keenly aware of running benefits and has travelled long journeys on foot to center themselves or seek answers. Choosing to run a marathon can give you a renewed sense of purpose and help you feel more grounded.…

Embracing Your Inner Khaleesi: How to Empower Yourself

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It's easy to say, 'Empower yourself!' but it's not so easy to figure out how to go about actually doing it. Game of Thrones fans are trying to give their daughters an empowering head start in life by naming them Khaleesi after main character…

Mantra Meter: How to Line Up the Right Daily Affirmations for Yourself

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Do you have trouble turning off the “Ms. Negative Voice” in your head from the second you wake up in the morning to the moment you conk out at night? Then it maybe it’s time you find the right daily affirmations, or positive mantra,…

Hey Now: 6 Self Improvement Tips to Help You Turn Self Pity Into Power

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Life can be hard. And yes, when it comes to self improvement sometimes situations far beyond your control can leave you feeling defeated, unhappy and frustrated. But feeling sorry for yourself has never solved anyone’s problems. Self-pity,…