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Are Women Too Emotional For Their Own Good?

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Not too long ago, I had what I considered to be a legitimate problem to discuss with my boyfriend. Sure, it wasn’t actually anything that had happened. Yet. It was something I’d been thinking about that might happen, if certain other things…

15 Girl Scout Badges We Wish Existed

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To quote Amy Sedaris, “I am an aging Girl Scout.” I can still remember earning Girl Scout badges as a Brownie growing up in New Jersey. I looked forward to our troop meetings and activities and looked up to the older Girl Scouts with all…

Snack To Lose Weight

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve found it hard to lose weight even when you’re exercising regularly and are eating healthful foods. Because weight gain and loss are really a matter of simple mathematics (calories in versus calories…

Is Weight Gain Affecting Your Relationship?

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They say that Latinos love women with a little meat on their bones. Something to grab onto, say my tios, cousins, and even mi abuelo. So it comes as no surprise that I had trouble getting the attention of Dominicanos, Cubanos, and Colombians.…

How to Raise Daughters With Good Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is something I lacked when I was younger, from my childhood all through my twenties and beyond. Perhaps that was what triggered my long struggle with bulimia, fortunately now behind me. It´s taken me a lifetime to feel good about…

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Even the most confident of us need to work on building self-esteem from time to time. And more often than not, we have to find this from within. Here are 5 easy ways to boost your self-esteem, and remind yourself of just how awesome you…

Take Control: 7 New Ways to Get Back in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

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There are things about our life and ourselves that we don’t like; no one’s life is perfect. Some things you can’t change but, many others are just a step or two away—it’s all about knowing how to take control. The Eagles said it…

Table for One: 10 Reasons Why There is No Shame in Dining Alone

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It’s a staple shot of movies—that poor soul in a dingy restaurant dining alone. It’s also the theme of many country songs and more than a few paintings. It’s always nice to go out to dinner with friends but sometimes having the table…

10 Ways to Tell if You're Being Confident Versus Cocky

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Feeling self-assured in whatever you do, whether it’s a presentation at work or just cooking dinner, is always a plus. Confident people do what they need to do without needing praise and admiration. A cocky person, however, is actually less…