Playlist Alert : Best Workout Songs for The Severely Unmotivated

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  When it's sweltering outside sometimes you need the best workout songs to pump you up and get you moving. We all feel like a great playlist makes us exercise better and research backs that up. According to Scientific…

Sonic Papa: Your Go-To Father's Day Best Dad Music Playlist

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Nothing says happy Father's Day like the perfect dad music playlist. Think about it, most dads have to relinquish control of everyday at-home music to mom and the kids, having to sneak off to his man-cave or put on…

Entertaining Right: The Background Music Dinner Playlist that Always Wins

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018 While you may prefer the amped-up sound of rap and rock for a good time with your friends, with dinner it’s different. If you find your guests are tapping their feet to the beat and playing air guitar at the table,…

10 Things You Might Not Know About Daddy Yankee

UPDATED May 16th, 2018 So, you say you’re a Daddy Yankee fan? Test your knowledge of the Reggaeton king’s life and music with our list of the 10 things you might not know about Daddy Yankee: 1. His real name is Ramón Luis Ayala…

15 Music Genres that Can Make or Break Your Mood

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UPDATED April 20th, 2018 Different music genres can make or break your mood, we all know this. Music is important for regulating our emotional state, can impact our focus and has an effect on the overall way we feel. Music has been used for…
12 Songs for Saying “I’m Sorry”-MainPhoto

12 Songs for Saying “I’m Sorry”

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UPDATED April 18th, 2018 National Reconciliation Day actually exists (April 2nd). It originated in post-Apartheid South Africa, as a way of cementing bonds between black and white South Africans and closing the door on the ugly period of…

Your Go-To Reggaeton Music Workout Playlist

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UPDATED February 22th, 2018 Take your workout from so-so to sweaty with some hip-shaking Reggaeton music. There's nothing like tunes that make you want to dance for getting revved and pushing yourself to go the extra mile. Reggaeton has the…
Songs To Keep Your Spirit Alive

Songs To Keep Your Spirit Alive

UPDATED November 9th, 2017 We’re in the final days of summer and my family always chooses this very last week to hit the beach. We want to savor and stretch out these idyllic days just before that first school bell rings. Today, I was…

Heart Beat: 15 Reasons to Take Up the Drums

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Music has an amazing ability make you feel more energized, more relaxed or more empowered. It can give you a sense of belonging, a sense of community and a sense of freedom. And while the lyrics, the guitar solos and…