Songs To Keep Your Spirit Alive

Songs To Keep Your Spirit Alive

UPDATED November 9th, 2017

We’re in the final days of summer and my family always chooses this very last week to hit the beach. We want to savor and stretch out these idyllic days just before that first school bell rings. Today, I was sitting in my beach chair, digging my feet in the sand, thinking how I can capture this bliss and keep it with me throughout the day-to-day craziness of family, work, school, and home. I know for certain it won’t be with a painted hermit crab.

Photographs? Maybe if I ever managed to successfully complete the four-step process of: downloading them from my camera, to my computer, to buying an album, to laying them out in the album. Unfortunately, I’m still working on Beach Vacation 2006 album so that won’t do it for me.

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The answer, of course, is music. I began to think up the perfect playlist to recreate this carefree state of mind throughout fall, winter, and spring. I know that every pop and classic rock radio station has its own best beach tunes and a heck of a lot them have Jimmy Buffet on them, but this one is specifically for us ladies. Hope it keeps your spirit alive while you’re hunched over helping with your kids’ homework. (And if these don’t work, I find an actual Sea Breeze always does.)

1. One Day at A Time  • Enrique Iglesias • 2010

2. All Summer Long • Kid Rock • 2008

3. Soak Up the Sun • Sheryl Crow • 2002

4. Walkin On The Sun • Smash Mouth • 1997

5. Walking On Sunshine • Katrina & The Waves • 1985

And for those of you who insist on a Buffet tune on the list, here’s a bonus one for you: Buffet Bonus: One Particular Harbor • 1983